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Guide to Carpet Fitting Prices

A professional carpet fitter can have your new floor fitted and all sorted in a matter of hours – but how much will hiring an extra pair of hands set you back?

carpet fittingA new carpet is something every new home deserves; not only is it the focal point of the room, but it also acts as a kind of blank canvas which (along with the painted walls or wallpaper) helps to set the tone of the room and allows you to refurbish around it whenever you fancy! A well-made, soft carpet also helps to trap heat, improving insulation in the cold winter months and keeping you and your family warmer for longer – and nothing beats a cosy afternoon in during the biting wintry weather. Unless you’re proficient (and confident) in DIY you will, however, need to hire a fitter or contractor to install the carpet for you, as they will be fully trained and have all the tools and equipment that are vital to a top-quality job. But how much does carpet cost? And what is the cost of carpet fitting?

How much does Carpet Fitting Cost?

Carpet fitting usually costs anywhere from £3-6 per square metre of material. Additional charges will apply where the carpet needs fitting across obscurely shaped surfaces or out-of-reach corners – such as on curved stairways, around internal window bays, or on a hallway or landing, for instance. You can usually get a better deal on carpet cost if you’re having a particularly large portion of the home carpeted in the same brand of material (including the colour), but that doesn’t mean that you should restrict your choices; if you prefer different colours, fabrics, patterns or styles, that is entirely up to you.

Extra Carpet Fitting Prices

On top of your standard carpet fitting cost, you might need to pay out for various extras or surcharges provided by your chosen contractor. These might include additional or helpful fitting tasks such as:

  • Uplifting the old flooring first – at around £1 per square metre
  • Door easing – at £10 per door
  • Room clearance – at £20 per room
  • Delivery charges (if you purchased the carpet from the same company which is installing it for you) – usually at around £29

It should be noted, however, that these extra costs aren’t always included in the initial figure quoted by the company, so be sure to ask about all costs in advance and plan a careful budget beforehand – just so you’re not left with a half-completed job in your home that you can’t actually afford.

Of course, these carpet prices UK are just figures quoted by a single source, and to find the best deal in your local area you should compare carpet prices and additional fitting charges across a range of different companies and carpet fitters. That way you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth – as well as your new carpet fitted just how you like!

*All prices accurate as of May 2013. 

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