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Guide to Structural Engineer Costs

Hiring a structural engineer is crucial to ensuring a successful property renovation – so it’s a good idea to make sure you have budgeted properly before bringing someone in to take a look at your home.

Structural EngineerIf you’re planning a major structural renovation of your property during an ordinary refurbishment, then by law you are also required to hire a structural engineer. Architects might be able to offer grand designs and practical advice about renovating a building, but a structural engineer makes sure that everything runs smoothly over the course of the project; after all, you don’t want to have builders or labourers ripping out parts of your home without knowing exactly how to keep themselves safe.

Benefits of Hiring a Structural Engineer

Over the course of your refurbishment, a fully trained and qualified structural engineer should be able to:

  • Evaluate the structural integrity of a property before, during and after a major property refurbishment or renovation, helping to keep you and your employees safe during construction.

  • Offer practical advice about how to prevent the building warping and/or collapsing during the course of the renovation.

  • Help with the removal or restructuring of any floors, walls or ceilings (particularly load-bearing walls) that need to be replaced during the project.

  • Help plan for a loft, garage and/or basement conversion.

  • Help plan for a new conservatory and/or two-storey property extension.

  • Offer professional advice about re-routing your plumbing, pipe-work and any electrical wiring that obstructs your renovation.

  • Help acquire the appropriate planning and building regulations approval from your local authority.

Structural Engineer Fees UK

So exactly how much does a structural engineer cost? Well, that depends really; on whereabouts you live; the size of your property; and the price plan you choose. Some companies only list structural engineer costs at an hourly rate, while others prefer to survey your property, look over your renovation plans and offer a final structural engineer cost once they know exactly what needs doing. Still, to help give you an overview of the average cost of a structural engineer, we have sourced a number of different figures from the following companies and websites:

  • – anywhere from £400 – £800 per week.
  • – anywhere between £250 – £1400, depending on the scale of the refurbishment project.
  • – around £400 for a three-bedroom, semi-detached extension or conversion.
  • – around £90 per hour.

Although different companies offer different kinds of price plans, make sure your final structural report cost is included in the quoted figure – otherwise you’ll have to pay extra for this proof-of-safety document once the building work is all complete.

If you want the best deal possible on your structural engineer fees, make sure you also check out a number of different companies before signing on the dotted line. Ask friends and family whether they can recommend anyone from their own home-improvement projects, and be sure to investigate online too. As long as you budget carefully and don’t start spending money on your refurbishment before it’s been fully approved, there’s no reason why hiring a structural engineer should add to much to your final home renovation costs!

Look for structural engineers in the UK here.

*All prices sourced from relevant websites and include VAT. Accurate as of September 2013.

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