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Guide to Scaffolding Prices

Scaffolding is necessary for any complicated home renovations or industrial building-work – but exactly how do you go about getting it for your project?

Scaffolding is essential to any kind of exterior property repair, extension and/or maintenance work, but hiring it out for private use can prove to be considerably trickier than you might think. Firstly, because scaffold hire is usually only designed for large-scale building work or industrial projects, you will need to apply for a permit from your local council – and once issued, these only last for four weeks. If you erect scaffolding on your street’s pavement or any kind of public right-of-way, you will also need to prove that you hold Public Liability Insurance, which often costs as somewhere around £5000 for just a few weeks work; proving that small-scale scaffolding is already a risky and costly venture for any second-storey home-owner.

If you need scaffolding for a commercial or industrial property improvement, however, or are simply intent on renovating your private home with the help of a handily raised but secure platform, then it’s a good idea to think: exactly how much does scaffolding cost? Well, that all depends on the sort of platforms you’re looking for and how long you need to hire them. The cost of scaffolding varies according to the make and model you choose, how high it can be raised and for what sort of project it’s intended.

What do I look for when Hiring Scaffolding?

Before you think about the cost of scaffold hire, you need to make sure you’re choosing to rent out these platforms from a reputable company who can provide safe and secure units that won’t fall apart and cause you or anyone else any kind of physical harm. To ensure you’re getting the best that’s on the market, you should keep an eye out for the following benefits:

  • Fully qualified tradesmen and fitters.

  • 24/7 safety and repair services.

  • Essential replacement for faulty scaffolding.

  • A wide range of scaffolding options.

  • Additional specialist roofing equipment (possibly at an extra charge).

  • Local area delivery.

  • Competitive scaffold hire prices.

Check out the guide to hire scaffolding company here.

Scaffolding Prices UK

To budget properly for scaffolding costs you need to have a basic notion of how much hiring out these platforms usually sets people back. To help give you an idea of average scaffold prices, we sourced the following figures from various online retailers and comparison sites:

  • – £60-185 per dayscafolding on new building

  • – £150-300 per day (+£30-60 per extra day)

*All prices sourced from respective websites. Accurate as of November 2013.

Of course, these scaffolding prices are just online quotes that are subject to change; for the most accurate, detailed and up-to-date information about the scaffolding cost for your specific home-improvement project, you should get in touch with as many different contractors and rental companies as possible. The final figure will also depend on many different factors, including whereabouts in the UK you live, the size (particularly the height) of your property and what kind of permit and/or insurance you need. Still, it’s always worth checking out the option that are available; you never know, the final cost of scaffold hire might even be offset by the advantages it provides to your exterior home-improvement plans.

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